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Pawliday Sweaters brought holiday cheer

For the 2021 holiday season, we helped pet parents and their pets get in matching sweaters with each other’s adorable faces.


Need to calm your dog? Read to them!

Does your pup experience stress? Check out our e-book — “Dogs Get anxious, Too” — written to help calm them down and teach you tips on managing their stress.

Pet Food

CatChuterie Boards for your feline friends

The ultimate way to treat your cat is here — get ready to bond over a board.

Fish Care

Go the extra nautical mile for your fish with H2ome & Decor

Interior design for fish tanks? Yes, please. See how three influencers designed their tanks.


Cat Accessories

"It's a cat on a leash!"

That’s right — cats can rock leashes, too. This adorable video shows just how adventurous cats can be (with the right products!).

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